Dear Printer, Will You Please talk to me ?

Listen, babe.

I know you're going through a lot of things right now, what with all the errors, and just being installed, and all that, but we need to talk. It's important.

See, we haven't been together out that long. When I met you a few days ago, I knew you were amazing. You're not like any printer I've ever had before. Your lights are blue, and breathe gently when you are in standby. You have so many interesting compartments for me to put paper or ink cartridges into. And you have your own taskbar icon. You're multi-talented. You can print just about anything, in stellar quality.

But, well, I knew something was wrong when I asked you to print a simple Adobe document and you spit out three pages of discombobulated gibberish. What is this? Is it English? I recognize some of the letters, but it's like that U is eating that lower-case i, and the A next to them is really hung over. That next line doesn't know what it's doing. It's so baffled it's melting into the line under it.

 You're wonderful. When you're game, you're great. It's just that, you're so complicated. And temperamental. Remember yesterday, when we printed all those documents together? That was great. We had fun, didn't we? But today, you won't print anything. You're just sulking, and flashing your Error light at me. Come on, babe, just tell me what you want! Do you need more paper? More ink? I'll give you anything, if it will just make you happy. You know I want to be here for you.
But no, you won't even tell me. And it's hard on a boy.

No, I'm not saying goodbye. I'm just letting you know. I want this thing to work, but I need you to talk to me. I know we can work this out, together. Come on, baby. Are you with me?

I love you madly, Kanthala Raghu
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