Collection of must watch Documentaries

Included in this post are some of the documentaries that have received huge appreciation from people on Social Networks.
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Internet Archive (Photo credit: blmurch)
Included in this post are some of the documentaries that have received huge appreciation from people on Social Networks & in Media.

Ancient Aliens Debunked: "a 3 hour refutation of the theories proposed on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens" (2012)

I Know That Voice (2013) - Famous voice actors

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008). The heartbreaking story of Dr. Andrew Bagby.

Bigger Stronger Faster (2008) A documentary about steroids. Was submitted before but the link is now down.

Rodney Mullen: From The Ground Up (2002) Flipping Out (2008) Military service in Israel is compulsory for all Jewish men and women. After they are granted a bonus which many use to go to India. Most use copious amounts of drugs during their travels resulting in many requiring professional help, these breakdowns are known as "flipping out".

King Corn- a documentary about how one product: Corn, has made it into almost everything we eat. (2007) (1h30m) - [90:17]

The Thirty Year Secret (2008) In 1975, the murder of an 11 year old girl led to the conviction and subsequent jailing of an innocent man. In 2003, 30 years after the murder took place, the real killer was found. This is the story of what happened.

Meet New York's Youngest Truffle Dealer (2014)

Pablo Escobar - King Of Coke (2007) about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar [1:29:00] [NSFW] [NSFL]

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014), Now on Internet Archive

Deaf In Prison (2014) A disturbing glimpse into the lives of neglected and abused inmates who are deaf [25 min]

Divorce Corp (2014) - "Touches on the corruption of family court, every young man should watch this"

Jodorowsky's Dune (2013) The Greatest Movie never made...

Escobar's Own Goal (2002) - Tragic story of Andrés Escobar, who was killed shortly after scoring an own goal which took Columbia out of the USA 94 World Cup.

Tobacco Girl (2009) - a 14-year-old Yörük girl starts to chafe against her parents who want an arranged marriage. Powerful. 29 mins

Inside ISIS and the Iraq Caliphate (2014)

Syria: Arming the Rebels (2014) - FRONTLINE finds Syrian rebel fighters who say they’re being armed and trained by the U.S.

The Second Life Of A CIA Double Agent (2014)

Born to Rage: Inside the Warrior Gene (2010) - Nat Geo investigates Monoamine oxidase-A dubbed the warrior gene, that has been associated with violent behavior, raising the disturbing possibility that some people are Born to Rage.

China's Empty Cities (2013)

The Monkey-Eating Eagle of the Orinoco (2010) - Nature documentary about the Harpy Eagle. It eats monkeys and has rear talons larger than a grizzly bear's paws. [58:09]

"The Artist Formerly Known As Captain Beefheart" (1997) - BBC Biography on Beefheart (aka Don Van Vliet) narrated by John Peel

Defending Murderers (2014) - short video [8.37] Lawyers describe what it was like to defend some of the worlds most notorious killers (Bundy, Ng, Venables)

Gary the Goat [Comedy] (2014)

Oliver Stones Untold History Of The United States (2012) - 10 part Showtimes series

Freedom To Broadcast Hate (2014) - As the Middle East continues to be torn by war, sectarian violence and a backlash against the Arab Spring, the BBC World Service investigates the television channels that are accused of spreading hatred and intolerance.

Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home (2013) In a genuine horror story, Suzannah Lipscomb reveals the lethal products, gadgets and conveniences that lurked in every room of the Victorian home and shows how they were unmasked [BBC] Ep.2 (Edwardian) in comments.

The Tribe That Hides From Man (1970)

Desmond Morris - The Human Sexes (1997) [Episode 1]. Six part documentary focussing on the differences of male and female biology and behaviour.

[Vice] Monkey Meat and the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia (2014) - 18:06

Mitt (2014) - Documentary on Mitt Romney during his election campaign - [92:39]

Let The Fire Burn (2013) A history of the radical black liberation group MOVE, consisting solely of archival footage. Applauded for its editing with 98% on RT

BBC - Infested: Living with Parasites (2014) (59:03)

Strangelove - Married to the Eiffel Tower (2012): Best line "I'm definitely physically attracted to this fence, I'd like to get to know this fence better"

How Clubbing Changed the World (2012) - the Complete History of Electronic Dance Music [narrated by Idris Elba]

(2014) Bare Knuckle: VICE UK doc about the revivial of bare knuckle boxing

How China Fooled the World with Robert Peston BBC (2014)

'The Secret History of Silicon Valley' by Steve Blank (2008) - It's an insider's perspective on the emerging Silicon Valley's start-ups & their relationship to the Military Industrial Complex & Universities.