Due to privacy reasons, I'm closing my facebook account permanently.

Today Mark Zuckerberg made $2 billion of which pretty much everything is ad-revenue. This is that cringe moment for me. We've been selling ourselves to this guy who's making $$$ out of our secrets & Information. His net worth is about $33.3 billion & he is now ranked the 17th richest person in the world leaving behind the co-founders of Google at 18th & 19th positions.

I'm not jealous, I'm not mad, I'm just sorry for realizing this late. I like facebook (the earlier one) back then it was all about Connecting people. Its been proved & published in mainstream media & on Internet archives that facebook sells information + I've my own personal reasons. Even though people know this, they still continue because they don't want to lose their virtual fame. The Implications to this will be in the long run my friends.

All of this may sound lame to you at the moment. But even after understanding the risks, i don't want to continue like this. So here i am wishing you 'adieu'.

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