CISA has been approved by Senate Intelligence Committee

We may have one a battle here and there, but are we going to lose the war? These laws will keep getting pushed and we'll have to keep pushing back, but by simple human nature we will forget or become apathetic.
We all remember the outrage that swept the Internet and ultimately played a role in defeating CISPA, a proposed law that would have allowed government agencies and tech companies to exchange private information about United States citizens without their knowledge and without a warrant. Well, it’s time to get ready for another round of outrage because CISPA’s controversial successor is now a step closer to becoming law. [1]

According to Sen. Feinstein, CISA has undergone numerous changes compared to the original CISPA bill proposal, and the changes should help ease the concerns of CISPA critics. Civil liberty groups such as the Center for Democracy and Technology disagree.

US Citizens are playing a defensive game here. Every time they counter one of these legislative attacks on freedom, all the attackers need to do is slink back and prepare their next assault in six months. Instead of fighting off one of these things every year, they need to pre-emptively get laws passed explicitly protecting Internet freedoms. Basically they need something like the 'Bill of Rights that's written in unambiguous language appropriate to 21st century technology.'