Attention all Readers.

Morning Madness
There will be no barbecue at my house rather it'll be held at city bowling club. Sometimes blunt is better. Are you with a small business? because it's a guaranteed screw up. Are you smart consumer? Me thinks not.

India: A place of opportunity...and monopolies. The most effective advertisements are those that people hate the most. I'm literally standing in front of the Airtel tower and getting no bars. Me thanks you for your absolute undivided stupidity. You are free to think within the boundaries of our corporations. Success is a set standard our media created. Karan Johar does what he loves for a living, too bad he didn't love something that makes him more money. Shoot for the moon, maybe you'll catch a star...or just fall back down into your pathetic example of a life.

Business: You are only worth what your quarterly report indicates. If I had a Rupee for every thousands of liters spilled into our environment, I would be bill freaking Gates. Enjoy your life, chances are your children's will be a lot worse. If I were you, I would invest in dish soap, all those oil covered birds aren't going to clean themselves.

{ Insert Kapil from Comedy Nights joke here }

Shareholders are number one priority, reality is number two. The future is friendly. Warning: The future may be subject to environmental disasters beyond our comprehension. Since when did our Earth become ours?

Corporate has decided you are the problem in today's society. Outsource for a better margin. Grow your business, you are it and it is you. Think short term to please shareholders...until your manufacturer in china buys you out. Just remember; anything you can do, some guy in India can do twice as good for half the price. At least you tried your best. You ever hear someone in China say "try your best". Never, they feed off people like you who "try their best".
Reality is a lot like heroine, addictive in small doses, but overdose and you're done. 
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