An Urge to Change our Education System

An Urge to Change our Education System
I'm a final year student who pretty much hates the way I'm taught in College just like every other College/UG Student. Nowadays there is less teaching and more of getting the need to finish the syllabus on time.

Professors who teach don't bother 'How the Student is Perceiving' the information that he is being taught, rather they just focus on their daily teaching content of 'Well I'm done with So & So topics'. Done, FINISHED for TODAY.

*Slamming that book to the table*

Is this how you'd teach your children ? Really, Absurd the way our Education System has turned out. No one cares about our Perception, but we are expected to ask in return if we have any doubts. First of all if a student doesn't understand, how is he supposed to come to you ? Some are shy, unlike me. But being a Professor means its your job to turn a class of people (Zombies) to a well decent Interactive class. Its your job to make em listen to you. But instead you turn your back & continue with your teaching.

I feel bad that many students in the back shout, chat, calls professors by names & stuff. Students like that are better outside the class than inside. But then nothing much can be done if the College Authority itself fears the students.

After a certain age, people in the Teaching Profession stop giving students punishments, beatings. Students misuse this & become fearless. This needs to change.

I fear if the same is continued, the coming generation students won't even mind coming to class (least) for the attendance.
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