Alchohism: Is it a disease ?

Dopamine Pathways. In the brain, dopamine play...I'm not really surprised that this question keeps popping up so much. Classify alcoholism whatever you want. It is what it is a crippling debilitating condition. Some people are predisposed to becoming alcoholics because of the family genes.

People are not all alike. Some people have difficulty controlling the use of substances that render them dangerous to themselves and others. This is not an issue of "personal choice". Yes an alcoholic can choose not to drink but they have little to no control over the use of alcohol once they start using. This lack of control is not "normal" statistically among the population. It seems about 5% of a population has this control problem. It appears to be an organic problem as there are genetic elements that transcend learned behaviors.

Yes everyone can choose not to drink/drug/gamble/have sex that does not mean everyone can control their actual behavior to the point where it is considered normal and healthy. Once you get that burst of dopamine that makes you feel wonderful you try and prolong it and stay in the zone as long as you can. The individual with control problems has to avoid the dopamine rush or they will continue trying to maintain that feeling well beyond what is healthy or reasonable.

For the individuals who can say when, or call it a night before they step out of bounds, it is difficult to understand how others can lose sight of what is really important. Just know that it does happen even if it makes no sense. I mean I would never injure someone through violence or anger but I know there are people who do, people who lose control there is no choice involved when it happens. I know how I feel about people who lose control that results in violence against others.

The key to maintaining control? Live your life on a tight leash without the comfort and joy those old neurotransmitters provide. No more sharing the glow feeling the love no hiding from who you are and the pain you can cause yourself and others. At least until you are too old to care.
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