Tips to get over someone/something !

Alright, so I got dumped. Back in a day I thought we had finally found each other. I thought we were the end. She did not. I've accepted it.

This is how I' got over..

  • Music is your best friend or your worst enemy. All of those songs on your computer are going to stick with you through this breakup. You can hit shuffle and find something that you love and it'll love you right back. Beware though, you've got a lot of tunes that might break you down to the lowest form. I've found that Will Smith is your best choice for any and all occasions. Just keep in mind that "Just the Two of Us" is about Jaden not Jada and you're good. It's hard not to be happy when "Wild Wild West" is on. Play it louder than hell.
  • You have friends. Your friends are right there. They want to help you. Your single friends think you're better off. Your taken friends feel bad for you. Hang out with your single friends. They will show you what you've been missing out on.
  • Go out. Go. Nobody is going to take you out. Nobody is going to make you leave the cave of moping that your bedroom has become. You are your own event planner. Go wild. Line things up. Concerts. Parties. Whatever floats your boat. Just go do something. You used to go out and not think about your then girlfriend. You still can. It feels good and will take your mind off it. Sitting at home is not good for you or anyone.
  • Drink. Buy yourself a handle of something you might not typically drink. Maybe something a little too expensive for a normal week. Have a cocktail or two and ease your nerves. Don't overdo it like an asshole. Nobody likes that person.
  • Don't post your sob stories on social media. Nobody fucking cares about your sad-sack status update on facebook. Nobody wants to be friends with some mopey cry-baby. Express yourself in person to friends. Want to post something on facebook or twitter? Make it awesome. Show people that you're awesome. Fake it till you make it.
  • Enjoy the weight loss. Your appetite might be screwed because you're so sad. Whatever. Turn it into something good. Throw those weights around and use it to your advantage. Pretend like you're cutting weight for the big fight coming up. You'll look awesome. You'll feel awesome.
  • Grow a beard. Because f**k you.
  • Don't contact your ex. Just leave it alone. You know that it's only going to make you feel like crap. You want it to be different. It's not. Just leave them alone. If they want you back*, they'll contact you. Even then, be wary. They dumped you. Just because they're having second thoughts doesn't mean they wont just dump you again in a week.
This is how I'm did it. There are hard days and there are good days.
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