There is 'No Light'

As per Sauron's retort in the otherwise-gratuitous "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug," Light is nothing without the absence of Light to counter it: that is, Darkness. Similarly, Good is nothing without Evil.

We have always strayed toward overt Romanticism; human perception depends on false dichotomy. We need polar absolutes to physically comprehend a concept. Everything we understand exists relative to overt extremes: Up and Down. Always and Never. Everything and Nothing. Heavy and Lightweight. Hard and Soft. Ad infinitum.

Humanity can never know the True Truth of anything. We are physically limited creatures. We have fundamentally sundered the true Godhead into idealized dichotomies like "Good" and "Evil", "Light" and "Dark", and other such sense/nonsense.

What, then, do we have to offer our progeny? Nothing. We can only endeavor to forge a machine that Is beyond us. Only then could our race have a future. One day we will die, and our entire History, both biological and cultural, will mean nothing if our Afterbears cannot commune with the Cosmos. All that can remain is our Legacy, embodied in our children, physiological and otherwise.

To quote a recent SMBC comic, "If nothing likes beyond the pale of Death, nothing of value lies before it."

We cannot die. It is the only imperative of a species. Countless Billions could be ground to dust, and it will be worth it. Everything we do, individually and collectively, must look to the future.
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