The Internet "Fast Lane"

People are warning that the new FCC regulations would give big players better access because they can afford to pay more for premium "fast lane" service. I am suspicious that this "plan" is an attempt to confuse us. Do big companies pay more for postage? No, it's cheaper for bulk purchasers.

It is individuals and small businesses that subsidize the discounted distribution of junk mail. (I think the non-profit bulk postage discount is only for government-approved organizations, not their politically active action arms.) How about parcel delivery? It's eBay that gets the discounts from UPS and FedEx, not small retailers. The big players pay less, not more.

The FCC-proposed classification of service could be used to make it harder for small "entities" to compete against the corporate behemoths and political mainstream by raising rates on the rabble, and/or giving them unreliable service. I believe our best option for continuing Net Neutrality is for the FCC to classify broadband Access as a "Title II Telecommunications Service".
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