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Taking the Plunge in entrepreneurship !

I'm a student comfortably in university, living at home, and everything seems to be hunky dory, except one thing: I want to become an entrepreneur. I'm surrounded by so many entrepreneurs in my network, and sure they're more educated but they have the penchant for success that I see myself having.

There's so much to learn and so much to do, and the risk is just exhilarating, and so I'd much rather be doing that, and on the same note, I will be educating myself and my friends in entrepreneurship. I consult with entrepreneurs monthly on various options, and I want you to be able to consult with others. I've been in contact with one of my friend leading this operation 'Enactus', they've an excellent team on the campus of SRM University. Feel free to connect with them & be sure to encourage us by liking the page on the sidebar (right).

I'm a proud participant of SRM Enactus. Are you ?

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