While looking for empirical statistics of total rape crimes over different countries in a certain period of time. What I found is astonishing. The following information is collected from the web & various other News Organizations.

Rape Math: US has 3x the rapes of India, 1/5th the convictions.
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Compiled from government reports and media articles consulting anti-rape campaigners and government officials, show that when factoring in under-reporting, limiting the definition of rape strictly to rape (including date rape) to account for varying legal definitions of sexual assault, and factoring in population, the US has slightly under 3 times the number of rapes per year as India -- and only one fifth the number of rapists end up convicted of a crime.

India reports 24,000 rapes/year; but it is estimated by anti-rape human rights activists that 90% of India's rapes go unreported (which is sadly, the same number as in England).

In the US, 85,000 rapes/year are reported, and although many victims also don't come forward, the reporting rate is much better, at about 54% of rapes not reported (to give the US an advantage in its reporting rate, we can round down to 50%).

The US has roughly 1 quarter of India's population (US has 300 million, India has 1.2 billion).

So to compare them, we multiply the US' numbers by 4 to account for population difference, and then double them to account for underreporting. that is 85k x 4 x 2 = 680,000 rapes/year in the United States. We take India's and multiply it by 10 to account for under-reporting, we get 240,000 rapes/year in India. Factoring in under-reporting (which is pathetically low in India, the UK, and the US -- although admittedly way better in the US than the UK or India), the US still has slightly under 3 times the number of rapes as India per year.

As for the law -- conviction rates for accused rapists, India is atrocious -- with the US and UK even further behind!
Conviction rate in India: 26%
Conviction rate in the US: 5%
Conviction rate in the UK: 5%

Rapists are convicted 1/5th the time in the US/UK compared to India. India's conviction rate is itself astonishingly low, and the conviction rate in the US/UK is in the single digits.

If anything, India's rape crisis is atrocious, and the rape crisis outside of India, namely in the US and UK, is even worse. So blaming India's culture/nation for rape is, if anything, a way to distract people from the even worse rape crisis in some parts of the West!

Also, factor in the fact that at least India is engaged in mass protest about the rape epidemic. Where is the outrage in the US over the epidemic levels of rape in the military, on college campuses, in general?