Just in light of the new Tegra k1 device that is out in the hands of some folks.. I know eventually the rift will be an all in one integrated solution, but I think it would be better off not relying on users to have a computer to use with the Rift but instead, Nvidia should make a chip that powers the Rift and put it in the headset itself.

Yeah obviously with current technology this isn't going to happen but give them one or one and a half years and something substantial could be made out of it.
 This would give you at least the benefit of delivering the same quality experience to every single user. There is no way in hell people are going to be able to use CV1 when it comes out without a gong show of configuration nightmares. I'm sure this kind of thing has been discussed before but the reality is if Tegra K1 can pull off Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics we really aren't far from having a quality VR experience in the mobile space.