New Social Network for your Pets

Everybody already knows that the social media is a good place to share pictures of your pet. One in ten of all UK pets have their own Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel, according to insurer PetPlan. 

New Social Network for your Pets
A survey by found that 14 percent of dog owners maintain a Facebook page for their pet, whereas 6 percent boast Twitter accounts. By contrast, one in every seven people on the planet has a Facebook account, according to research by Black Dog Studios, and an estimated 102,000,000 US Facebook users are pet owners and around 23m are considered to be non-human, such as animal profiles.

Petalbum is a new photo sharing network for pets that focuses on creating fun and interactive communication between pet owners. The User friendly interface is designed to make it easier for pet owners and animal lovers to connect over their favorite animals.
Petalbum users share pictures of their favorite pets, fetch photos from web, tag on pins, put price on pins, put link on pins. Members can also choose between popular category like: pet sort, in memoriam, lost pets, pet fashion, animal protection, pet charity, etc.

The Petalbum model combines the social networking features such as photo-sharing and editing capabilities of Pinterest (like creating boards and adding text to pictures). By being able to add text to the photos, users can share photos freely without worry that they may be passed along without proper credit, a common complaint on other photo-sharing sites.

Petalbum is responsive and because of that it works great on all mobile devices and tablets. The Petalbum creators believes that Petalbum is perfect place for people who wants to share their love for animals in specific place just for pets and animal lovers. Petalbum in one word "all your pet pictures in one place".

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