New linux flavors this week

There are so many Interesting distro's out there but today its these three.

Gobang - Tried the livecd awhile ago. It's based on Ubuntu LTS. Has a lot of CLI apps and scripts as well, plus lots of tint2 and conky themes. It's a more "bloated" #! but it seems like a lot of fun to use.

vsido -I like open box but flux-box is really appealing to me because editing text files is easier than looking at XML. This is a Debian Sid-based flux box dist.

madbox - This is based on ubuntu 14.04, it's like openbox with an "ubuntu" theme. Personally this (and gobang) appeals to me because I am quite comfortable with the ubuntu base and the lack of PPAs and other stuff makes the transition to debian a bit harder for me. Unlike gobang, this is EXTREMELY minimalistic and barebones. I like it! A stable base + a minimally modified wm means it's a bare canvas for customization.

semplice - This one is also based on debian testing. It's very attractive, plus like gobang it has an automatically updating menu. It "felt" a bit slower than the others, just a bit brighter and it doesn't have the #! shortcuts.

Anyway, that was my morning experiment. It was fun, thought I'd share it with you people. Does anyone have any experience with these distros? I've only checked out the livecds so far.
New linux flavors this week New linux flavors this week Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on May 11, 2014 Rating: 5

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