Meet & Greet with Adam Young: Story of a Couple

Owl City (Adam Young) performing at the Bowery...
Owl City (Adam Young) performing at the Bowery Ballroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It gives me Immense pleasure & happiness whenever I listen to OwlCity. The music is soothing to ears and my everyday starts with his song. Earlier this morning I stumbled upon a post of a couple going out to buy Mid Summer Station album and this is their story of 'How they met Adam Young?'

"I raced to grab a copy of The Midsummer Station (because, sadly, I don't have any physical copies of his music), at the risk of being a bit late for an autograph
Turns out, there were no autographs permitted, just photos (and like 15 seconds with Adam).

Even though the Meet & Greet kinda sucked due to its length, I got a few words into Adam, and he was SO soft spoken in his response. I really felt he knew I was there for him and his music, not just a meet and greet because my girlfriend won tickets.

I told him how I never thought I'd meet him, and I was so happy, and he said he was glad it happened too. Upon leaving him, I told him to "keep doing what you're doing, because I love it".

Now, here's where it gets good:

Because we were in there first, we got to choose where we stand. Naturally, we went front and center -- literally. I was right in front of Adam throughout the whole show!
During one of the earlier songs, he looked right at me, and did an eyebrow-raise thingy. When it happened, I looked to my girlfriend and said "oh my god, did you see that?! Was that at me?!" to which the responded that was the case! I couldn't believe it! I made an impression on him, and not just a dumb fan!

Finally, during Good Time (later in the show), while Breanne was singing a Carly part, he once again looked right at me, and mouthed something (probably something about me having a "good time"), and I locked eyes with him and smiled back and gave two big thumbs up! I was flabbergasted that it happened again!

Thank you for reading my in-depth account of my perfect Evening! The only thing that would have made it better was if I got to hang out with him/the band afterwards too :P But that's just getting greedy."
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