Locked Eyes, 'My Game'

As we all know from being on the internet, even the darkest situations can be made fun of. GO find something that makes you laugh, right now. Report back. From what I have seen, a sense of humor is key to social success.

Hate your life? I do. I despise the fact that communicating and socializing is so easy for most people. So my twisted self enjoys making them uncomfortable. Often, all I have to do is look at random "normal" people in the eyes for slightly longer than is normal. I must not be attractive because they often look at their feet or otherwise act "awkward". Or maybe I will yell a frustrated obscenity in the middle of a large crowd and watch as people subtly panic. Watch them cringe as they are lifted from their comfort zones. It is fun to be in control. These sheep can keep to their stupid boxed in reality to themselves. But one day somebody will lock eyes with me and I will not look away and neither will they. And then I will congratulate them for playing my game.
Locked Eyes, 'My Game' Locked Eyes, 'My Game' Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on May 06, 2014 Rating: 5

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