Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand.  - Acc to Putt's Law

I am not an IT admin but the IT industry has an epidemic of anxiety and stress; a mixture of sysadmin, support, and software engineering cause so much stress that people have a breakdown.

IT Administrators quit their jobs due to Stress
I like the idea of making IT admins non-exempt. (Just Saying :P)
It is this weird mix of blue/white collar work and a lot of managers don't realize what's involved. It's at its worst in companies that aren't IT companies but have their own internal IT departments. There's no unions, no standards about workload, and at job no overtime (although you could have time in lieu pre-approved) despite IT generally requiring overtime hours.

In a lot of IT shops it seems that there is a competition to be the biggest martyr and there is a lot of invented drama. The guy who complains the most about being on-call is the same guy who's extremely uncomfortable when his phone isn't ringing on the weekends. The guy who complains about the long hours is often the guy who seems to go out of his way to find extra work.

I'm not suggesting every bit of stress in the IT field is invented, but a whole lot of it is.