Bad Experience with Paypal; Absolutly Aweful

The only reason I wanted to use Paypal was to buy one item that I could only pay for using Paypal, something downloadable that should have taken at most 5 minutes to get after deciding to purchase. It's been 5 days and will most likely be another 2-3 before I will be able to buy it.

I didn't want to sign up for Paypal, but it allows you to still use it by entering in credit card information. But then it said I couldn't use that card. This has happened before, no problem, so I try my debit card. Same thing.

I caved in and decided to just register. Then I tried again to make my purchase, which resulted in my account being suspended due to suspicious activity!
So then I had to confirm both my identity (they send a text message with confirmation code) and my credit card by making a small charge to it (also with confirmation code in the name), which I had to again wait for. After going through all this, I had to wait another day or so for them to review my "case".

Finally I thought it should work. Nope. Can't use a credit card for this purchase. Can't use a debit card for this purchase. Thanks for letting me know that now rather than when I first tried...

So I decided to link my checking account, as much as I didn't want to. An unknown error occurred, even though it recognizes the routing number as my bank, and I give it the correct checking account number.

Ok, so I link my savings account instead. It works. Cool. I'll try to make my purchase now. Nope, I have to verify my bank account first.

At this point I was so sick of all this shit. My options are to wait 2-3 days for two small deposit amounts to show up in my account, or do instant verification, which requires I give them all of my online banking information. I'm so impatient at this point that I'd rather go through the hassle of changing all of my password and several security questions and answers afterward than have to wait another 2-3 days.

So I go through the process and give all my information (after making sure this isn't some sort of phishing scam and that Paypal does not keep this information).

Finally this is going to be sorted out... I'm sent to a loading page that says this step of the verification process may take 1-2 minutes. And then finally it's done... telling me that in 2-3 days 2 small deposit amounts will appear in my account, and at that time I can confirm those amounts to verify my account. You're fucking kidding right?
Bad Experience with Paypal; Absolutly Aweful Bad Experience with Paypal; Absolutly Aweful Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on May 06, 2014 Rating: 5

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