About Adam Young & his Songs

About Adam young & his Songs
Umbrella Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Early last year he had a wonderful blog, through which he wrote a lot of really beautiful stuff. He used it to share unfinished songs and projects which he had no intention with progressing any further with. And he used it to share his photography (see his photography site here). Around February 2012, he switched to Tumblr, and at that time, his tweets went from being quite interesting to being mock Tumblr posts. And ever since then, it's been the same, constantly — the only time he breaks the mock Tumblr style is to answer questions through the #OCTMS hashtag on a weekly basis.

As a heavy long-term fan, it's a bit suckish. But I think he'll return to his old style when he outs his fifth studio album. It'll be interesting to see what the theme of the fifth album will be. Not many people have noticed that the first four have 'elemental' themes:

Maybe I'm Dreaming was all about the air, with songs like Air Traffic, On The Wing, and Sky Diver. Ocean Eyes was all about water and the sea, with tracks like Tidal Wave, The Saltwater Room, and Umbrella Beach. All Things Bright and Beautiful focused on the earth, with songs like Hospital Flowers, Plant Life, and Honey and the Bee. The Midsummer Station centred around fire, with tracks such as Embers, Shooting Star, and Bombshell Blonde.

Those are the four elements, so it'll be interesting to see what the fifth album's common subject is. Either way, the Tumblr tweets aren't to be confused with Adam himself. They're just a prolonged joke, as far as the tighter 'fanbase' is concerned. It doesn't appeal to us in a marketing sense — it quite annoys us.

Back in the earlier days, Adam was really close to his fans. He followed us all on Tumblr, tweeted us loads, and heck, even went on cam chats with us all. It was incredible. But then, something changed somewhere. Either his heartbreak from a split with a girl named Annmarie, who he sings about on his new EP in a song called 'Hey Anna', or his extremely public rejection by Taylor Swift. Perhaps he's a bit broken, and these mock tweets are a defense mechanism.

Who knows. His mind works in funny ways. Perhaps it's down to his Aspergers.
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