'A' criminal rising in the southern politics

Jagan Reddy, naam tho suna hoga, is the son of late Y.S Rajshekar Reddy (the then CM of United Andhra Pradesh). He has no political experience whatsoever until 2009 elections where he was elected MP from his father's home constituency.

After the sudden demise of Y.S.R in a helicopter crash, this guy managed to politicize the death and was prepared with the written consent of 150+ MLAs to claim the CM position. This is while the remains of his dead body were yet to be cremated.Such is the morality of this person. However, Sonia Gandhi(known to adore Y.S.R a lot) hasn't given a chance to Jagan to acquire the throne which he felt was his hereditary claim. This made him quit Congress along with a bunch of MLA's and form his own party named YSR-Congress. He then started a walk-around through out the state to console the families which had a family member who died at the news of YSR's death. Yep !!! True !!!. Jagan claimed that more than 200 people lost lives after they heard the death of his father. Yep !!! More than 200 !!! :P

Later Jagan was sent to jail for 16 months, for his role in many of the corruption charges in AP during 2004-2009. He was the A1 accused and CBI was successful in forming a case against him with proof. He was accused of having a total of 1.5 lakh crores of illegal assets acquired as political gains from his father. However, an external support from YSRCP promise made Congress to release Jagan Reddy on a bail.

Today, his party is pouring out money into politics like never before trying to form the government at the state. Its a do or die for Jagan Reddy as his only two options left are to become a Chief Minister or to rot in jail. He is leaving no stone unturned to stay away from jail. He might as well win with a narrow majority, given the money he's poring out. 

Today new AP has no capital, no infrastructure, and a A1 accused criminal might become its CM(just as a coy to escape jail term).
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