Why Vote ?

I have never voted, and I dont see why I ever should. Here are some of my reasons for not voting: (Numbers for reference only, not intended to reflect order)
I have never voted, and I don't see why I ever should. Here are some of my reasons for not voting:

  • The chance that your vote will affect the outcome is so unimaginably small as to be practically 0.
  • In many cases, even if you convinced thousands to vote for your choice, the chance of that affecting the outcome is still very close to 0.
  • In practice, who you get to vote for is decided by the political establishment. The range of options is strictly limited.
  • Those elected are free to break any promises without consequence. In other contexts this would constitute reason for invalidating an agreement or even pressing criminal charges.
  • Those elected use their power for their own gain and for the gain of special interests like banks, corporations, unions etc. You are not of any concern to them.
  • Voting means consenting and granting legitimacy to the state, democracy and the political process. If you vote that means you consent to the outcome and you have no right to complain.
  • Voting in "self-defense" against other political camps, or voting for "the lesser of two evils" is a vicious circle that doesn't solve anything.
  • Voting is immoral. Voting means supporting and endorsing the initiation of violence on peaceful people (including, ironically, yourself) to force them to do what you (or, in the case of representative democracy, what the elected "representatives") want.