Ubuntu 14.04 tweaks

Ubuntu 14.04 tweaks
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Using an operating system does not mean just Installing it and leaving it like that. Many people like to configure/tweak it according to their lifestyle for maximum productivity & efficiency and this applies to all the operating systems. [Maybe not for Windows, it just sucks no matter how many tweaks you apply. or Maybe I don't get it]

So here are the 'must have' tweaks for Ubuntu 14.04.

1. Remove those shopping suggestions. //Asap
2. Install the restricted extras for everyday use.
3. Check if all language packs are installed for your current locale.
4. Set up Ponysay in your .bashrc (Optional).
5. Browser [Recommend Firefox] - Your browser of choice needs to be secure. At the very least you should be running AdBlock Plus and NoScript.
6. Bleachbit - to wash away old files you don't need.
7. [For those who think Unity Sucks] I know a lot of people have gotten used to it, but I refuse to use it. Perhaps you should look into installing a different window manager. I prefer tiling over stacking, so I install Awesome window manager and use it in conjunction with Xfce4.
8. All computers need an ebook reader, and since the most powerful software for ebooks is Calibre, I use that. I hate how clunky it is, but it does the job it is designed to do. It's a great way to catalogue, organize, and share your books.
9. If you like to record music, you'll probably want to install ubuntustudio-audio and all packages relating to it. You'll get jackd, an audio serve that is very powerful, and a bunch of things like DAWs, drum machines, guitar amp simulators and effects, etc.
10. Install and configure tmux, making sure things like vim colourschemes still work without error.
11. VirtualBox - because you never know when you'll need to test something. It's always nice to fire up a snapshot that resembles you current setup to test and play with, instead of borking your host system.
12. Make sure all status, chat, and communication software are working together. A lot of people, myself included, prefer setups that include things like weechat/irssi + bitlbee, etc. You should be able to handle all small, quick, text-related tasks from as few interfaces as possible, which is why something like bitlbee is so useful.
13. Disable remote and guest access.
14. Install the Numix gtk theme.[Optional]
15. Uninstall all the apps that you're never going to use.
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