Story of a Facebook Developer

Story of a facebook Developer...
"The story of a brand rediscovering itself through the Facebook app"
I was a brand, deep down the pile of other brands, competing in a saturated market. I was like an instrument which you placed in the store after buying and then forgot to use again. I thought I would never gain my prime time, ever again. However, my marketing team has a different idea. I found a visionary marketing manager, who was young, enthusiastic, and knew the importance of social media. Soon, the team created a Facebook fan page, a Twitter handler and a Pinterest profile. I got my social face, and I succeed to garner some likes and clicks, but it lacked the spark. The very spark that would bring me back into the limelight. So, the young marketing manager asked for a Facebook app that would be part of a promotion. The promotion would involve a competition (a lucky charm), a small roulette game.

The game would give my fans a chance to play and participate in the competition, which would give them a chance to win hefty prizes and gift vouchers. The Facebook app (game) was an instant hit. As soon as it was shared by my official Facebook fan page, my existing fans started to play it.
Moreover, they were sharing it with their friends and families and then they shared it within their social circle. Can you imagine this cycle? An unending cycle of user engagement, which goes on and on like forever. As every good things come to an end, the competition had a last date too. During the competition, more than 100,000 Facebook fans played the game through my Facebook app and I was rejuvenated once again. My success was reported in the most read daily newspaper, a blog site with 10,000 unique daily visitors, and on a TV show. This enhanced my social reach and people once again started to follow me. I garnered more than 50,000 new fans for my Facebook fan page within two weeks. The fans kept coming even after the competition ended, just to roll the roulette-style board and make huge scores.

The game was widely praised, used, and shared by my fans. It reached the other regions too, I got fans from the regions like the Middle East and South East Asia. It was a roller coaster ride which established my authority over the market once again. Now, I am the blue eyed kid for my fans and they follow my social updates for new exciting offers and promotion. In the wake of my first Facebook game app, my marketing team soon launched two more games which were celebrated more than ever. I wanted to share this story to all the brands in distress, I wanted to tell them there is still a hope. Give your brand a Facebook app, a chance to shine again before they fade away from the people’s mind.

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