Movie Review: 2 States

I fell in love with the story long back when I read the book '2 States' by Chetan Bhaghat. Now I get to live it through the movie.
Movie Review: 2 States
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I fell in love with the story long back when I read the book '2 States' by Chetan Bhaghat. Now I get to live it through the movie.

This is not just a story but a reminder to our future generations. Movie portrays not just the difference between our communities but also our cultures and backgrounds.

Anannya & Krrish not only made their love impeccable but also sustainable throughout their journey of convincing their parents about their marriage.

Movie Review: 2 States
Anannya & Krissh
Since this is review I won't be talking much about the plot (for that I suggest you to watch the movie) rather I'll be expressing my views, thoughts about the couple, their love & obstacles they had to overcome along their journey.

I know this is fictional movie and does not resemble any person living or dead. but I wish it were a true story. I was so moved by the movie that I'm certain I will marry the one I love the similar way, I'll convince my parents, my relatives and it doesn't matter where the girl comes from as long as she shares my concern for convincing our parents and hold the same love as I hold towards her :)

 You wouldn't believe but I sort of cried in the end - call it 'Tears of Happiness'.

Movies like this should be appreciated and as such be shown to all the parents who deny their children's love and their urge to convince them, to not break their hearts. I know I sound cheesy, actually I'm still holding the same emotions that you've after watching a movie.

In fact I'm listening to the last song in the movie on repeat until i finish writing this review. Helps me concentrate and write unbiased and those exact words that come to my heart.

Movie Review: 2 States
Aww So Cute :)
To me the first part was all romantic and was not as motivational as the second part where the real deal was. Flying from Delhi to Chennai just to visit the love of your life and then back again with her to make believe the heart of Krish's mom. The characters in the movie hold the greatest of emotions in my heart which is similar to that of the book. When i learned about the movie, I was doubtful whether heroine & hero would stand upto the expectations. And yer they did both were totally apt for this story.

Filled with drama, love, passion and utmost patience the movie caught me in a breath throughout the movie. I was awe-inspired, don't have words to speculate (exaggerate) what I felt through out the movie especially the second part.

In the end they were able to convince their parents, the heart felt moments in the movie about the boy's relationship with his father at certain times brought tears in my eyes. Reminded me of my dad and all those moments I spent with him.

I texted my dad that 'I'm sorry for all the troubles I've caused him and time when I broke his heart with words that weren't appropriate '. Did you know ? Today marks the 23rd wedding Anniversary of my parents and we're all celebrating together. I miss my dad for not being here with us but he still is with us in our hearts.

Finally Krish's dad (You still with me ? Yeah this review is coming to an end. HoLd oN) asks for forgiveness  for all the pain he had caused to his mother.

If you have something to share concerning my review or want to add something, discuss it with me. Just comment below ... I'll get in touch with you. Let's talk about the epic love story :)

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