Ideas - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Spectrometer & Artificial Intelligence ...

Ideas - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Spectrometer & Artificial Intelligence ...
CFD is computational fluid dynamics, where you basically model fluids as a series of particles. The trick is to not view CFD as it pertains to water, but to view CFD as it pertains to, "flow." When you think about it, traffic, "flows." When there's a crash ahead of you, you move to the side similar to how water will move around rock.
Positive air pressure, the idea is that air will constantly flow out. Black lung is caused by when you inhale coal dust. So if you're constantly breathing air that is being forced, "out," of your mask, you're only taking in clean air as particulates will never get into your mask. This is the same idea that they use in clean rooms. Airborne stuff needs to be able to flow out.

If you keep the inside of a room at negative pressure and the outside of your room at positive pressure, if there is a breech in the room (i.e. you open a door) the air outside will rush inside. This will prevent infectious things from going out.

Spectrometer. It measures lights via lenses and mirrors. The issue with these is that the instruments are extremely sensitive. Small changes in temperature for example, will change your signal. So I thought that if you mounted a small sensor and a laser at two ends and align them, any small changes in strain will show up on the sensor readings.

Artificial intelligence. One ant is stupid. A million ants is smart. Likewise, one neuron is stupid, a million neurons is smart. Simple rules, repeated a million times can become something complicated. This is the same idea behind fractals. In nature, everything is a self repeating rule. Plants for example, are extremely self similar. So are blood vessels, and conch shells. Why would intelligence be any different? So I theorized that intelligence itself had to also be self similar.