I like the Idea of Religion

By this i mean, be an atheist, but follow a religion. You do it for yourself. Example follow some traditions from Hinduism and take traits from them. Example pray for mercy and focus on important aspects like forgiving.

This means you focus religion in a positive way like meditating would do without infecting the world with bigoted views or fights over what is true.
Personally i think religion studies should just be you trying to get into the mindset of a religion. I know it seems weird, but having something to pray to or worship is comforting. Pick a religion you like the idea of , practice the rituals. Then when someone asks if you think God exists or no you give your honest opinion.

Just a weird thing i came up with. I just remember how calm worship made me even thought i now in hindsight know that i was sort of being unhonest with myself. What do you think?

I think my idea makes sure people understand religions better on a general level, know what it is, knows what it is not and fulfill a serentity that is difficult to find elsewhere. Problems arise when people claim God or religion is true, not so much if we kind of pretend religion or view it as philosophical work. Again i could hold my hand together and pray to something abstract like knowledge or goodness, but it would be too alienating.
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