I've noticed that, especially in the tech industry, feminists aren't so much empowering women as they are demanding a larger slice from a pie they didn't help bake. They bemoan the fact that women only account for 3% of tech CEOs, but with women only accounting for 3% of tech startups, despite easier access to better loans... well, as Obama said, "you didn't build that."

Ironically, those words would appear to apply better here than to those who were originally addressed, because women aren't out there building roads or laying fiber either.

Certainly, one cannot expect, for example, women to build their own government, and we don't want a China/Taiwan situation, but there's no reason women cannot start their own companies; in fact, given women's superior access to funding, it should be easier for them, right?

As is almost always the case, female "inequality" comes back to female inaction, rather than male discrimination; these inequalities have nothing to do with men, nor are men in positions to fix them, since men cannot simply tell women what to do .

Feminism is, once again, demanding privilege, not equality.