Woke up with a mild headache ...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="200"]woke up with a mild headache... all i could think was this ...![/caption]

Yeah, I stopped using Alarm clock so that i can get enough sleep during holidays. But none of this really helps like tick-tock of the clock, my brain woke me up today at 5:12 AM with a mild headache.

I thought of going back to sleep but then i wasn't feeling too good. So i powered up PC and here am I 'Blogging'.

And yeah i was listening to songs before i wrote this post, i like the way you get elevated by the symphony of the music (i was listening to Cinematic Orchestra - To build a home). You should probably give it a try, its great music.

Now I'll probably do something to take my mind of it. Good Morning and have a great day you too.