Weird dream i've ever had ......

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It was around 5 am in the morning, i' can feel my hands and legs numb cause i was all soaked in cold breeze all night.

In Dream

There are two people in my dream one is my best friend (male) and the other one is someone i adore but nothing personal with her (female). In dream we were all friends and were spending the most wonderful days of our college hanging out, to movies, nights outs and other stuff that i don't remember. Its was a great feeling. You know sometimes the dream world seems so real and the feelings almost seem so true, not until you wake up you don't know that you were dreaming. I wish i could have dreamt a little more to see where this was going.

All of a sudden my best friend falls in love with her and becomes against me and we start fighting over silly things and now he doesn't have time for me. He doesn't hang with me like we used to before that girl came into his life and like that we got separated to a point where we don't talk to each other ever.

I started ignoring this girl, she a good girl it would be unwise to say that she's bad and all on the Internet but can say that she's traditional, i don't talk to her any more. maybe i think she has trust issues and doesn't believe in anyone right now except for her present friends. I simply look forward to carry on this ... but possibly in the next dream. I've heard that you don't get the same dream twice, if i had dream about this (the cont part) I'll post it here.

Until then this is me signing off ,

Good Morning, Have a great day and be fab.

Stay Tuned.
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