First real drink i had [Ted Effect]

This was 2-3 years back when i was in my high school. Ok before we do this let me tell you, I'm so wasted and literally full of Coke, like i can hear liquid rolling in my stomach. [that much]

It was with my cousins, back at my hometown. Dad and I (whole familia) went to celebrate something. (i dont' know what it was, it was kind of celebration time). So me and my brothers, including this fella here went to hang out. It was just boys at that time.

We drank this thing i don't know its name in English (can be related to a beer), i mean it had same amount of alcohol like beer has. I was so f**kingly wasted that day. Totally knocked out for 8 hours straight, its like my body doesn't go well with beer. I never had any real drink before, i was just a boy then.

I remember i couldn't even walk straight in those paddy fields [its where we had drinks], one of my cousin was holding me. I did fell down right on my face sticked to the fields too hurting myself.

You know what's the best part of that day? Its when my dad bangs me in water for losing control over myself. He kept drowning me in the tub(hoping i would come to my senses) like structure in the open where we store water. He grabbed me, and threw in that tub filled with water.

Man i don't remember that well, that's what my cousins told me the other day. It was my first time, loosing control, kinda felt happy and unconscious.

From that day onwards i promised myself not to get drunk again, it was so messy. I was covered in my own puke that whole day(Nasty).

So what have you learned reading this ?

Is that i can puke anything and everything if you just get me drunk.  aww sh*t ohk gotta go Ted's calling me (on HBO its Weekend night).