I wish more people realized this kind of thing

As corny as it sounds, it's never okay to do a mean thing. I've been an adult for some time now and I'm still surprised at how many of my contemporaries find it okay to pass the buck or find cold dishes delicious. I've done bad things in my life. I've done very wrong things. I don't look down upon people who do them because I have been there. I have had bad things done to me and I have had the urge to pay it back to those who saw fit to do me wrong.

There has to be a point in history when it gets better. You can't simply point out the idea of intent, feel good enough some days to turn the other cheek. Humanity has a ceiling far greater than this. The petty things, the things deemed fine by the fickle hand of the internet, the spiteful things; we have the capacity to stop them.

We all know the arc of the super Villian. We've seen the movies. We've read the comic books. The good ones are sympathetic. The good ones wish well for the world until the wrong ones wish them ill. I beg for all of you who read this to do one less petty evil to the world. Hug your co worker who won't return your stapler. High five the roommate who won't wash his dishes. Forgive the friend who has spread rumors about you. Speak with the ex who still sends you texts. Do your part to turn things around. Evil is not the natural state of life, it is learned. You do not have to take the good with the bad. It is never an excuse.

Please, pass on the right side of life. Life really does return what it gets.

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