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Canonical launches Ubuntu 13.10 representing a “very significant push towards mobile devices”.

Canonical has announced its free Ubuntu 13.10 Linux operating system (OS) release, which is available for both PCs and smartphones from today.

Canonical is touting the Ubuntu 13.10 release as the "first step to mobile [and] PC convergence" as it unites all devices.

Oddly enough, Ubuntu 13.10 arrives on the same day as Microsoft's remedial Windows 8.1 service pack update.

13.10 is one of those rare operating systems releases that get it right. It's obvious that Canonical has put enormous amounts of work into making this release the crowning jewel of everything they've been working on for the last six months. It's fast, responsive, stable, and usable for just about anyone. With 13.10, Canonical has finally delivered what Linux has promised for years: making a distro that grandma can use without many problem.
Canonical founder and Ubuntu creator Mark Shuttleworth ahead of the launch, who told  that Ubuntu 13.10 represents a "very significant push towards our first mobile devices".

Considering that 13.10 is the last release before the next LTS, a lot was riding on the company to get things right. If they screwed up this release, the LTS six months from now would likely have been a complete disaster. Had they done something silly, like include the Mir display server when it wasn't quite ready for prime time, both this release and the 14.04 LTS would have been garbage. Thankfully, they over promised with 13.10 but then backed that up by over delivering too. Continue Reading→

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