Who is your Celebrity Crush?

Celebrity Crush - My Top 5

Emma Watson

I remember back when she did her first Harry Potter movie ( i was 15 at the time) and I told all my friends she was going to be gorgeous when she got older. They didn't agree... but man they hate me now when I bring it up

Mary. Elizabeth. Winstead

I tried to figure out how to put in words why she is so hot. Lots of girls have pretty faces. Lots of girls have nice shapes. With her, she just seemed so unique and I think I finally got it. She is crazy healthy. She is tall and not skin and bones. She is kinda thick (although that is a horrible word) because she had a lot of muscle.

Mila Kunis

I really fell for her, I used to loathe her as well, but once I detached her from the nasally "Hey Michael," or "Everyone pay attention to me" voice I was able to better appreciate her beauty. She just seems cool enough to know as a person.

Kristen Bell

God she is so cute and adorable. Not to mention hot! And now I'm a 20 year old guy, who watches Gossip Girl mainly to hear her voice...

Chloƫ Grace Moretz

Everyone else is waiting for the day she turns 18 so they can flood the Internet with "OMG SHE'S SO HOT" posts, because that's how biology works. :)

Let me know who's your Celebrity Crush in the discussions below ?
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