What i did last Saturday ?

[caption id="attachment_2335" align="aligncenter" width="470"]what i did last Saturday ? what i did last Saturday ?[/caption]

I had a hard time thinking what should i do, should i shutdown PC & watch TV ? or should i continue my old Routine of being on PC, blogging until i feel asleep ?

I decided to do both but eventually i ended up only writing one article, i had done watched this movie "Ruby Sparks" yesterday evening, was an awesome movie. Inspired me to write more ... . Yesterday Morning was pretty stiff, usual stuff. Also there was these Mid Terms exams going in college (who the f**k keeps exams on Saturday in college ?), really felt like not attending  but then friends persuaded to write plus to get Good Grades i had too go with them.

Came back at around 1600 hours from College, went out and brought some eatables to keep my self entertained in the evening while i watch TV :D .

Just kept chatting with my friends over Facebook till 7 PM, but i had said in the morning  that i would write about How Exposed the Wordpress Site is that you buillt ? So wrote about is ..then met this amazing friend online(#fb) with whom I've been talking for last 4 days, we kept on chatting and did that till 2 pm midnight. And then off to bed i went.. That was my Weekend Stuff & now you know it.

Read about the Movie 'Ruby Sparks'.
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