Teachers Day - A tribute to Teachers

“Take a stand for teachers!” is the slogan of Teachers’ Day 2013 (5 September).

Taking a stand for the teaching profession means providing adequate training, ongoing professional development, and protection for teachers’ rights.
A quality education offers hope and the promise of a better standard of living. However, there can be no quality education without competent and motivated teachers.

On this day, we call for teachers to receive supportive environments, adequate quality training as well as ‘safeguards’ for teachers’ rights and responsibilities...We expect a lot from teachers – they, in turn, are right to expect as much from us. This Teachers’ Day is an opportunity for all to take a stand.

Teachers are among the many factors that keep children in school and influence learning. They help students think critically, process information from several sources, work cooperatively, tackle problems and make informed choices.

Why take a stand for teachers? Because the profession is losing status in many parts of our country..

Teachers’ Day calls attention the need to raise the status of the profession - not only for the benefit of teachers and students, but for society as a whole, to acknowledge the crucial role teachers play in building the future.

Wishing all the Teachers out there a 'Happy Teachers Day'

Also check out the Video i made, dedicated to teachers around the world.

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