If Hollywood continues to badmouth 'Open-source' software, especially in children/teen shows, what hope do we have?

One day, I was just sitting around with my younger cousin who was watching a show called 'Shake it Up' on Disney Channel. She loves the show, and I am sure many other kids love it too.

But I was shocked when the following scene came up: A group of children are sitting around when they hear about a computer virus that is about to ruin their dance show. So, they turn to this 'genius kid character' and he says, "So, did you use open-source code to save time, and the virus was hidden in it? Rookie mistake."

I was shocked to hear that, and was quite insulted by that statement. Although technically possible, it doesn't portray majority of open-source software in the right light. The thing that annoyed me the most was the fact that this is a children's/teen's show, watched by children/teens at the age where they believe and are easily influenced by mass media such as movies/TV shows/music etc.

I am sure there are other examples in Hollywood of incorrect portrayal of not-only open-source software, but other issues as well.
Stereotyping is alive and well and not just limited to open source. The producers are making cheap, consumable shows; it's up to parents and guardians to guide kids and not depend on TV to do their job.

I find it ironic that Disney and Pixar do all their 3D rendering on Linux, albeit with the proprietary Renderman software. In all honesty it sounds like they had writers that knew very little about computer technology.

So you believe there is an underlying agenda? Hit me up in the comments ...