I just want one thing.

What i really want is one thing. nothing to much, its really not that hard, yet it pains me everytime i think of it. I want a true friend. I have only had one true friend, someone who i could always trust, and we were so close, i knew him for less than a year, and we were better friends than my friends i was with for 10. He was nice, awesome, funny, trustworthy. But that's not the important part. THe one thing that made him my true friend, my best friend, I could be myself with him. I cant be myself with my family, my church, my classmates, no one. Him and God, they are all i got. Of course by teh time i realized how good a friend i had, he went to college. Now i never see him, and im alone again. Im so sad, i try to be happy and positive, i even try to hypnotize myself just to forget about everything else, my school, how i struggle to get good grades, my family, my angry dad that treats me like a child, my mom and sister who wont do anything about it, and all of them as a whole dont understand me, my friends, who disappoint me and let me down, who hurt my feelings secretly, my self, my own mind is full of self-hate, and i dont know what to do about it. I want someone to talk about it, I know i should just be happy, thats what i know from God, but i still suffer from this problem. All i want is some peace, love, happiness. In the end, I want my friend back.

Had a true friend, realized it too late and now pay the consequences.
I just want one thing. I just want one thing. Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on September 28, 2013 Rating: 5

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