[caption id="attachment_3106" align="alignright" width="388"]Flash will no longer support Linux after version 11.2 (current). Flash will no longer support Linux after version 11.2 (current).[/caption]

Adobe has delegated Flash development on Linux to Google. Chrome's bundled Flash is currently at version 11.8. Works with Chromium, too.

So, I've been running flash free for a while now, it incumbers me to things like youtube (where I usually just use youtube-dl to grab the vid, watch it and then delete anyway)- however I was forced to use flash for a speedtest so my ISP could do diagnostics on my connection.

that was the very lovely message I was greeted with on the flash download page.

my main reason for posting this is- how likely is it the open source variations of flash will be useful for this kind of thing, the last time I tried gnash it was painful.

or, a better question: when will we be able to run without flash unencumbered?