Electrum was recently added to the main repositories in Debian testing

If you'd like to see it added to Ubuntu in the next release, read this.

I noticed Electrum recently got included in the "Testing" repository in Debian GNU/Linux, which is excellent news. This means that Debian users will most probably get Electrum in the next Debian stable release, but most importantly, all its derivatives will too. That's a lot of people!

To have an idea of the significance of any package making it into Debian, consider this graphic of the Debian derivatives family.

Ubuntu will eventually also get this software packaged and available by default to all its users, with feature + security updates. Unfortunately there is a schedule for automatic inclusion of new Debian packages in Ubuntu, and the arrival of Electrum into Debian Testing happened after the "Debian import freeze" date.

I filed a bug report to request a sync anyways, hoping for an exception, so Electrum makes it ASAP into Ubuntu.

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I believe it's important to make an exception to the Debian import freeze (as noted in the bug report) and sync Electrum into Ubuntu ASAP, if you can think of others I'd like to hear them here.