A Wiser Way to Spend Your Weekend

hello, weekend.

How you choose to spend your time over the weekend plays a significant role in determining your performance at work and even how much of a successful person you are.
Laura Vanderkam, author of  What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend (2012), says successful people essentially realize that weekends are the secret weapon behind their professional success. “You need to hit Monday ready to go,” she notes. “To do that, you need weekends that rejuvenate you, rather than exhaust or disappoint you. Cross-training makes you a better athlete, and likewise, exercise, volunteer work, spiritual activities, and hands-on parenting make you a better worker than if you just worked all the time.”

Penelope Trunk, career coach, author and renowned blogger, says:
“A highly successful person is very focused on what they want to be doing. The weekend and the week look very similar: They are focused on creating the life they want.”

So who are the types to be considered  “successful people,” and what do they do during their weekends?

“A successful person is usually one who has achieved a measure of happiness and fulfillment in their work, family, and spiritual life (however that is defined for the individual),” Kurow adds. “Most successful people need to feel a sense of accomplishment and are self-motivated to tackle the next challenge.”  Here are some suggestions compiled by Jacquelyn Smith via Forbes.com. Take a look:

1. Clinging on to a passion. Pursuing a passion lends more meaning and value to life. “Successful people make time for what is important or fun,” Egan says. “They make space for activities that add to their life balance.”

2. Disconnect. Successful people often tend to avoid  e-mail for a fixed  amount of time of time, Vanderkam says. “I’m not saying the whole weekend, but even just a walk without the phone can feel liberating. I advocate taking a ‘tech Sabbath.’ If you don’t have a specific religious obligation of no-work time, taking Saturday night to mid-day Sunday off is a nice, ecumenical time that works for many people.”

3. Abstain from chores. Every weekend unfortunately forces us  to complete a few to-dos, but try and finish your chaws using a minimum amount of time possible.  Create a small list for chores and other errands, and then rid yourself off them from your mind once it’s been done.

4. Meditate. One can learn effective methods of  meditation through private classes, self research etc., Cohen says. “How better to equip yourself for success in this very tough world?”
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