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One D member Zayn Malik gets Engaged... to Perrie Edwards.

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Did you hear the girls shriek earlier this morning ? yes that's the voice of the Teenage girls. One of the members of beloved band One Direction Zayn Malik is now engaged to Perrie Edwards.

The Little Mix singer’s mother confirmed the engagement in a radio interview.

“It’s true. They got engaged on Sunday, and it was absolutely lovely,” she told Real Radio (listen below). “It’s wonderful, because Zayn is absolutely gorgeous, and Perrie loves him to pieces, and it’s just perfect. They just get on so well together."


Congrats to the happy couple, but I can’t help but think 20 is too young to get married, especially being in the entertainment industry. What do you think? Sound off below after checking out Perrie’s mom’s interview.

Real Radio: Zayn & Perrie Engagement Confirmation


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