Is Open Source Worth The Price?

When the company uses open source for some specific targeted areas and if the software does not work as emancipated, then the company needs a backup or a support system to rectify its functioning. When open source is just downloaded, nobody gives the guarantee of the tech support. Customer service is not provided 24/7 and getting any real technical support might cause some vital time loss.

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That’s where paying for the apparently “free” open source comes into play. Companies like Red Hat along with the core software technology also make the experts available for any such circumstances. They are of assistance because they were the key contributors of the software. They provide the services with almost no wastage of time.

Another advantage of paying for the subscription is the advancement of the product. One can also add onto the product or incorporate progressive changes in the product/features. Technology is ever-changing and the need to upgrade is forevermore vital.

A subscription product comes with longevity, customer service. The advantage of subscription product is that it comes with bug fixes and receives enhancements against the cheaper counterpart open source projects which indeed for free of charge. It makes sense to pay more for the product if the customer gets additional features, and this particular area the open source software lacks behind. It does not even specify the durability of the product.

It is also advised to pay for software if the solution is also provided on it. While paying for the open source it is worth paying for the hardware and software packages to ensure a smart solution and a guaranteed result. Paul Rubens in also points out that with an open source based product, if paid more one can avail support, testing, hardware certification and guaranteed product life cycle and regular and fast paced customer service with specialist’s expertise to resolve any crisis.

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