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Enrique Iglesias ‘Turn The Night Up’ Music Video

enrique-iglesias-turn-the-night-up-music-videoApparently being shirtless in his music videos is a mandatory thing now. Enrique Iglesias has shown off his pecs and abs in all of his recent clips. Someone’s trying to prove they still have it at 38-years-old which he still does, I might add.

Sadly, it’s not nearly as catchy as his previous club hits, “I Like It” and “Tonight.” However, I will say I did enjoy the music video, even thought it’s relatively simple.

I like the camera perspective  used to follow Enrique’s trippy evening adventure. It begins with him getting ready at his apartment to hitting the clubs in search for a girl, while showing off his new Nokia phone *cough* product placement. Check out his Music Video below.

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