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Building decentralized Web Applications

BIZ_OpenInnovationDespite all the programming languages, the thousands of libraries, and the millions (or so it seems) of JavaScript libraries in the web ecosystem, there is still one path to building modern web applications: store everything on a server and when users open up their web browser, the "client"—the code running inside the browser—displays the data and receives user input that is sent back to the server.

This is the dumb client, smart server, powerless client, omnipotent server approach.

In the past few years, web development has begun inching in a new direction: moving more and more processing onto the client-side, where code that is usually run by a server is now being run inside a web browser. But the majority of the movement has consisted of moving rendering to the client. So-called "business logic"—such as storing data in a database or keeping track of a user's friends—has largely remained on the server.

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