Hacked a Govt Website using Backbox (PenTesting)

Little did i know about hacking before i got to know Backbox. There was a time when i used to think how cool & awesome were the people who'd know hacking. And now i know what it feels like to be one. Although i wouldn't call myself a hacker but i'd like to be known as a Penetration Tester. (You know all that grey hat stuff people do).

2days ago, i downloaded Backbox, there are other more popular linux distrubutions too apart from backbox which offers more in dept knowledge in terms of pentesting and security but i choose backbox since its organised and is very fast (lightweight too). 

Previously i had Ubuntu 12.04 LTS running Gnome installed on my machine but Xfce (which comes with backbox) is much much blazing fast.

It took me 1 day to understand all the Audit Tools in backbox to understand. I already worked with few tools (metasploit, beef, armitage) previously so i know more than half the tools that's present in this linux distro.
I started searching for Vulnerable websites, firstly it was diffcult to find one but then i came across a search engine called Punk Spider which allowed me to browse through the vulnerable websites. Soon i choose a site goidirectory.gov.in.

I had fun poking around with the tools i had on its server. I'd done a search and found about 63 backdoor vulnerabilities on this site alone. Slowly & slowly naughty thoughts started to come in my mind, since this was my first time i thought 'Lets do It'. 

I hacked the server & uploaded a 'You're hacked.txt' text file along with a snapshot i took to alert them about it.


Well it was an awesome experience and i'm still looking forward to doing this in my free time.


Hacked a govt website using Backbox


I do not encourage others to do this, this is purely for educational purposes only. The author of this blog shall not be the reason for your misuse.

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Hacked a Govt Website using Backbox (PenTesting) Hacked a Govt Website using Backbox (PenTesting) Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on October 31, 2013 Rating: 5

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